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Bespoke Designs Explained

A bespoke gown is one that is designed and fully made to measure specifically for you. This means your ideas and dreams of the perfect gown will be made into a reality. There are many stages towards completing a bespoke gown, but all are necessary, so be prepared for several consultations. 

It is important to note that I do not make copies of other designers gowns. It is very common for a bride to fall in love with a gown only to find it is out of their price range or not available in their size. I do sympathize, but it is a strict policy not to copy their hard work. What I will do is use the dress as inspiration to design and create your gown. Equally once you have approved one of my designs, I promise never to repeat that design for anyone else, meaning your gown will be truly exclusive to you.

The first stage is to look at your ideas, discuss dates, prices etc. Often the first stage is done before I even meet you as many clients chose to email everything. This is sometimes better for me too so I can be fully prepared for your first consultation. When you do come, feel free to bring any pictures that have inspired you, a piece of lace or even a broach, basically anything that has begun the idea of your perfect gown. Whether this stage is in person or via email, we will go through a lot of details.

Hopefully most of your questions will be answered by reading the sections below. 

If you would like to book a consultation or have any other questions, please go to the Contact Me page.
All details regarding payments and contracts can be found on The Boring Stuff page.

Manage your Diary

Depending on the complexity of your design, you must allow anything from 6 to 10 months from the start to the finish of your gown.
Once you have confirmed your wedding date, it is advisable to book your place in my diary, even if this is 18 months before
the  wedding.


Approximately 3 months before your wedding, you will have a fitting with your actual gown.
This is usually before all the bead work is added (if you are having any) and before the hem is finished.
On this fitting you will need to bring the shoes and bra you will be wearing on the day.
This is the last chance to make any design or fitting adjustments before the gown is finished. 
It is an exciting and equally emotional appointment. You are seeing your gown for the first time and it can be slightly overwhelming.

Adding beading or embroidery takes time and skill, so you may have a few weeks between fittings. 
This is also when I will finish the hem and any minor adjustments that need doing. Most clients only need one more fitting but that is not always the case.


I take great care to design a gown that meets your desires, but that also enhances and flatters your figure. I will draw a sketch of my design for your gown. I will put together samples of fabric and carefully calculate a price for the completed gown. 
My designs have many details to take into consideration. Location of your wedding - beach or formal. Do you want heavier satins of light and flowy chiffons.
Body shape...this does not mean your size...this is enhancing an hour glass figure or minimizing a fuller hip. Bespoke gowns are also ideal if your figure means you can not fit into ready made gowns because you are petite or very tall.

If you are happy with the design, you will need to sign a contract and pay your deposit. This confirms all the necessary details for me to make your gown. More details regarding payments, cancellation and dates can be found on "The Boring Stuff" page.

Calico Fitting

From your measurements I can make a calico toile. 

This is a made to measure sample of the bodice. Basically a dummy run of the main fitting section of your gown. 

It allows you to see the beginnings of your gown without wasting expensive fabric. 

It is made from calico so I can draw on it, cut it and make any design changes easily. 



I will take lots of measurements, and I mean lots. I need to basically map your body in order to create a perfectly fitted gown. 

This chart gives you an idea of most of the measurements I will be taking, but there are often many more depending on the needs of the design.

The measurement form is dated so if we need to retake them later we can compare easier. This is very handy if you are losing weight or are pregnant.

Collection Day

On your final visit, you will collect your gown. 
It will be pressed ready for the big day and hanging in a full length gown bag so it can travel safely. You will be expected to settle any remaining balance at this stage, and sign a release form with details of your completed order for your records.

It is a lovely day for everyone involved, and I am always delighted when I get a little gift from the bride.