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There are so many events throughout the year.....School balls, Charity ball, Awards nights, Milestone birthdays....the list goes on.

Some of my clients have purchased their gowns from my constantly changing range, others have had alterations or custom embellishments added to gowns they purchased elsewhere. All of the following testimonials are from just a handful of my lovely clients that are happy to share their experience with you.  


Sammi wrote:

Hi Alison, I just wanted to thank you again for your help choosing one of your beautiful dresses.

If was our first fancy night out since my daughter was born and I definitely didn't expect to find a dress that made me feel so special. 

As a very insecure and indecisive person myself, your friendly, honest and encouraging assistance in choosing a gown was wonderful.

Very grateful to have found such a wonderful local business for myself to return to in the future, and to recommend to others.


Hilary was entering her first ever ballroom dancing competition and wanted a gown suitable for the event and also her disability needs.

The black and silver tea length gown was the perfect style, but needed several alterations to make it fit correctly.

Hilary sent me this lovely photo and said " I was very happy with your service and how you accommodated my needs to slimline the dress, and provide extra room for upper body movement. I would definitely contact you again when I need another ball gown."

I was delighted when Hilary said she came 4th.....not bad for her first competition!!!


Amy sent these great before and after photo's of her daughter's gown. It shows what a massive difference, a simple design change can make to the finished look of a gown.

She wrote:
"Can't recommend Alison enough !!
My daughter found the perfect ball gown and Alison also customised the dress to sit off the shoulders, she was absolutely thrilled! Such an amazing service thank you so much."


Jorja's gown was completely stunning and only needed minor alterations to make it fit perfectly.

Her mum Jen said 

"Thanks so much for all your attention to detail Alison. We couldn't be happier. The gown is absolutely beautiful. She had a lovely time."


Jill and her husband attended the Diamond Charity Ball. 

Jill said " My hair and make up didn't make me feel great, but  that made me feel very special. I had so may compliments.

Thanks for the trouble you went to squeezing me in before you went away. I will look forward to wearing it again.

If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have that dress."


I will never forget when Shaylea and her mum came to view the gowns. She pulled out her phone and showed me a picture of a gown she loves that she had seen on another companies website. 

Shaylea's face lit up when I pulled out the exact gown!!!!!

After a few minor alterations, she was ready for her ball. 

Shaylea's mum said she had a great time.

Mc Kayline

What amazing photos from Mc Kayline's school ball....they look like magazine shots!

She wrote: "Awesome, beautiful dress and excellent service from you. Done small alterations on my dress in very little time. Thanks for the beautiful dress."


Caroline sent me these beautiful photo's of her daughter Katie. 

She was an extremely proud mum and said "Her ball finally arrived and she won Belle of the Ball in this gorgeous dress.

Thank you so much for providing the service you do, there's no way we would be able to afford a dress like this otherwise xx."

She also said "Katie had so many compliments."


I love these photos, Cara's hair style and the car she chose make the gown look classic vintage. I especially love the black and white photo.

Cara said "Here is a photo of me before the ball. Thank you so much for your help. I had a great night and this dress is so comfortable."

Cara's sister said "
Cara felt like a princess and everyone commented on how beautiful she looked."

Andrea sent me this photo of her daughter Aimee with the following message:

"Just wanted to thank you for helping us chose and alter this beautiful dress. It fit Kolbe's strict rules about modesty, but still felt grown up and glamorous for Aimee.
Aimee felt really comfy all night. It fitted like a glove."

Georgia and her mum were lovely clients. They knew they wanted something elegant, so when Georgia tried this gown on, they knew it was the one.
Georgia sent this photo and following message.

"Hey Alison, thank you so much for the dress! It was so comfortable all night and fit perfectly. I felt so confident in it and had a great night :)"

"Hey Alison, just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the effort you put in to making my dress beautiful. 

I want to share a photo of me in the dress and show how perfect it looked for my graduation ball, I felt absolutely stunning all night & received many compliments
The diamanté straps were a perfect combination with the dress & completed the look. I am more than pleased!
Thank you so much once again, Dakota x

Thank you so much for the alterations that you did on my daughters ball gown, it fit her beautifully. 

Shelley also gave me this 5 star


"Alison did an amazing job of altering my daughters ball gown, she is not only a lovely friendly person but also an amazing seamstress. Thank you so much!"


I am very honoured that I get to see previous clients again for different events. This time it was so Nikki could get a gown for her cruise. 

She was torn between two gowns, but the black gown with pewter bead work was the outright winner.

Nikki sent this photo along with the following message.

"Hi Alison I just wanted to share a photo taken of me in my gorgeous gown last night. I felt a million dollars and received so many compliments. Thanks again, Nikki 💕"


Ayla, pictured in the long sleeved raspberry Sherri Hill gown, sent me these great photos of her and her school friends. (permissions obtained)

"Hi Alison! I’m still waiting on the professional photos to come in but here’s some! I got so many compliments on the dress so thank you so much for that I loved it ❤️"

Connie & Joce

Meet mother and daughter Connie and Joce. 
They both looked beautiful at a family wedding in the gowns they purchased from me. 
Both ladies looked amazing as the gowns fitted perfectly with no alterations needed. 

Joce sent a message saying "I just want to say a huge thank you for the dress as I felt stunning all night and loved the dress so much!!"


It's always lovely to see a client two years in a row, so it was great to see Jessica again. We looked at lots of style options, but as soon as Jessica tried this stunning royal blue sequinned gown on, we knew it was the one. She was beaming with smiles each time she put it on.

Jessica said "thank you Alison for all your help. you turned it into a wonderful experience, and you helped me find the dress that suited me."


Caitlin's mum Tanya sent me this photo and the following message. 

"Thank you so much for doing my daughter's alterations on her dress for her ball. Awesome price with not much notice. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress." 

Caitlin's gown had so many sequins on it that were built up in multiple layers. It made the alterations quite a challenge, but the result was a perfectly fitted gown. 


One year on and what a difference. 

Bri looks completely stunning in this red and silver gown. Her mum Kristine was brimming with pride for her daughter. This is just part of the wonderful message she sent.

" It was PERFECT!! Oh my word that girl turned into a lady!!! I found it hard to pick which photo to send you because they all showed how much more confident she was since the last time I saw you!!! She felt beautiful in that gown!!!

Thank you again for helping us pick the perfect fact I believe we've only continued to improve as we watch her confidence grow!!! I'm so glad to have you part of exciting time of watching her grow!!


Bri's mum Kristine sent these beautiful photos and the following message. 

"You looked after us so well that we came back again!!! Thank you for quickly organising a viewing and for your patience too We really appreciated the helpful tips you gave us on make-up and accessories as you can see by the above worked out beautifully! Now to do the same with the red dress We loved the fact that when Bri decided on this gown you were able to make it fit just for're a very talented seamstress for sure!! So glad we saw you and got the dress picked ready to go for next Saturday...phew!! Thanks so much Alison xo"

Photo's above from her 2017 ball. The red gown for her 2018 ball will follow soon.


This silver satin gown was perfect for Jayde. It was elegant, full of detail and fit like a glove.

Her mum Cath  sent the images with this message.

Hi Alison Jayde had her ball on Friday night and she looked so beautiful!!! Thanks again for the dress and everything you did for her xx


The original gown was strapless, so I added a lace top and a diamante applique for that bit of sparkle.

Demi's mum gave a 5 star review saying....

I think Alison's work is amazing! She is very professional and her work is of very high standard. One of a kind dresses, would highly recommend her. Such a talented seamstress!!


Some things are just meant to be!!

And this gown was always meant for Savannah.

Everything about it was perfect for her.

Her mum said Savannah had so many compliments. And that she loved every minute of the ball.


Like most girls for their school ball, Shannon wanted a gown that no one else would have. She sent me some images of the styles she liked and we played around with a few ideas. I was really impressed with Shannon's dad for taking such a keen interest too. I think Shannon has a new fashion guru there......great ideas that helped bring it all together.

Shannon's gown featured some beautiful corded lace with sequins and pearls to finish.


Chloe's dress was already a perfect fit. She just wanted the longer length added for modesty, elegance and to make it unique.

Chloe's mum sent these images and amazing message.

"Here is a picture of Chloe going off to her ball, just wanted to thank you again for the amazing job on adding the detachable layered chiffon skirt. Chloe and I could not be any happier with the result, and dealing with yourself was an absolute pleasure. Your knowledge and ideas were very much appreciated (and needed).
I have 100% confidence in recommending yourself to all my family and friends
Sincerely Helen & Chloe"

From design to finished gown, I don't think I have ever met someone so excited.

Larischa sent me these pictures and a lovely message saying 
"Thank you so much for the dress, it made my night unforgettable. It was light and sat like a glove and just complemented me throughout the whole night. 
Seeing the dress when you brought it to me as a finished piece made my heart drop, it was beautiful and exactly what I wanted. The beading was done to the exact of my requests and your time management was excellent! Thank you so much!"


Ashlyn's gown had such dramatic bead work that sparkled as she moved.
The high neckline and soft chiffon made this a very elegant ball gown.  

Ashlyn's mum wrote..

"Hi Alison
Attached is a photo of Ashlyn in her dress from her ball last night. 
Thanks again for making it fit so perfect. She looked stunning.

Huge smile on Katie's face at her school ball in Safety Bay. The dress was a soft yellow chiffon with silver bead work that wrapped around and crossed over her back. 
Katie and her gran came to me for help just days before the ball.

This is one of those times when I wish I had taken a "before" photo to show you. The original neckline was high and unflattering.
As you can see by the photo, Katie looked stunning.
She sent me a nice message saying "Thank you so much again :). The ball was great fun and everyone danced most of the night."