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Bridal Gown Alteration Testimonials

I am always delighted to get feedback from my clients. I genuinely love to hear how their day has gone, and see them in their dress with their hair and accessories. I think it is also good for you as a new client to see real comments from previous clients.
There are more testimonials, images and reviews on my Facebook page so please take a look.


Some alterations are more than just getting the correct fit. Julie's gown was a classic example.
Julie told me the wedding was on a beach, and wanted the gown to have a softer, less formal look. So as well as making it fit perfectly, I also changed the neckline into a sweetheart. I also suggested removing the bulky satin train to allow the chiffon layer to really flow. The chiffon train had the most delicate embroidery and bead work, that stood out much better once the satin was removed.

Julie wrote "Thank you again Alison - Our wedding was beyond perfect and the dress was a hit xx.

Thank you again for your amazing talent and vision."


Sarah's gown was already beautiful, and only needed a few alterations. To make it extra special and unique, Sarah wanted me to make her some draped lace straps to complete the look....the result was perfect.

Sarah sent me these wonderful photos along with the following message:
"Hi Alison. Thank you so much!! LOVED MY DRESS!"


Emma is one of the most down to earth clients I have ever worked with. She was so relaxed and was enjoying the entire process of planning her home wedding. 
Every detail was well thought out, even down to her great cowboy boots!!

Emma said "The perfect dress on a perfect wedding, thanks to Alison for the changes you made, it was amazing and I'm so thankful for the work you did #married life xx.

I must make a special mention about her cater Carnival Creations. When I saw Emma's photo of the food I felt I had to share this amazing company with my followers.


Nicola was another fantastic bride to work with. Her gown was stunning, and after a few key alterations, it fit like a glove. How smart does her son look in the blue suit !!

Nicola sent the following message:

"Hi Alison
I just wanted to thank you for your amazing professional alteration service. You made my dress fit me perfectly and I felt fantastic in it. I received so many lovely compliments. Most importantly my husband thought I looked stunning😊
Sarah thanks you for the lace up lesson!
Thanks again
Nicola and Steven"


Hayla and her partner wanted a relaxed and easy going wedding. It was all about sharing the day with everyone, and not about the formality of a traditional wedding. 

This photo sums up the perfect day they had.

Hayla said " I thought I would send you a picture of my dress, it was perfect. We had a wonderful time!!! "


Renae's gown had such delicate detail, that it was important to make every part of it fit perfectly. I was delighted to get the following message with this beautiful photo.  

Hi Alison,

I hope you are well and keeping busy!

Just wanted to thank you for doing an amazing job on my wedding dress a few months ago.

Our wedding was held in Vanuatu on Sept 3rd and went off without any problems. (score!)

The dress fit perfectly in all the right places and it was so comfortable I left it on all night, you truly are a master of your craft.

I have attached a couple of pictures for you, which I am happy for you to use in promoting your fantastic work if you like.

Kind regards


I love getting photos from my clients. And I never mind when I get them. So it was lovely to get this message and photos from Kylie a year after their wedding. 

"Hi Alison, I’m not sure you remember me but I bought a wedding dress off you a year ago and had you alter it. I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful dress and the amazingly incredible expertise with fitting me. I have highly recommended you to many friends."


Jocelyn came with her mum a few times, and was lovely to work with. We made a few changes to her gown to make it perfect. She gave me 5 stars on her review which I have added below. 

"So I needed to start the scary but exciting task of finding a wedding dress and the very first place i started was at Alison's. With the collection she had I was able to try on a few styles and to my shock what I thought I never wanted to have was what 

I chose in the end. 

From the first meeting, Alison was so welcoming; I was a bit nervous but she made me feel so relaxed and comfortable that all nerves went away. Although I didn't purchase a gown or have one made by Alison I did return to her for my alterations and for her helpful advice! Alison did an absolutely amazing job at redesigning how my straps sat, adding a bustle and taking in my gown a few inches!

I am so glad you were able to do my alterations! Thank you so much for your amazing work and for so much advice!!
Good Luck with everything in the future and again, Thank You!! xo

It was a a perfect day and I felt so beautiful in the dress you altered for me.

Thank you so much for creating the wedding dress of my dreams.

Thanks for everything Alison. 


Jill had a beautiful gown already, but it just needed a little bit of her personality to be added. 

The inspiration came from her floral shoes. Subtle bead work was added to the flowers in matching colours. And a front split was created in the skirt to really show them off.

Hi hi Alison 🤗
Well, I am now officially married!!!! We had an excellent and brilliant day and our family and friends had a great time and i can quite believe that it all happened!! And I just wanted to again say thank you so so much for all that you did for me in altering and perfecting my dress xx I absolutely totally loved it and adored wearing it and I shall most certainly be keeping it for the rest of my days xx here are a few phone pics - thank you so much again xx


Sometimes even the smallest alteration can make the biggest difference.

Vanessa wrote "Thank you so much for being so AMAZING. You saved my day and I'm ever so grateful. It was a lovely day, thank u."


Well we finally had our wedding on the 10th dec 2016 :) after falling in love with a dress in store that i couldn't afford, i took to ebay and bought the look alike. When it arrived it didn't fit me one bit, despite me ordering a custom size. 

I turned to Alison in a bit of a panic thinking there was no way she could make this dress fit my body shape and worried id have to buy a new dress. It wasn't an easy task, this dress was a nightmare, but after my 6th dress alteration i was left with the dress of my dreams and still less than a quarter of the price with alterations than the dress in store.
Alison you are amazing, a magician with a sewing machine!!! I cannot thank you enough for making my dress fit me so perfectly and for all your hard work to get it there! I felt absolutely stunning in my dress. 


Hi Alison, thank you for the wonderful job you did altering my dress. The wedding was amazing. Had such a great time - and the bustle lasted the night (well until the party bus haha). Anyway here are some photos for you.


What Fantastic service, I got my WOW dress, all at very short notice including alterations. 

I could not thank you enough and the price for all budgets.


Hi Alison! I just wanted to message you to thankyou again for your marvelous assistance with my dress and altering it to perfection! The day was beautiful and went perfectly in every way! Gav was hugely surprised at how stunning the dress was! Here's a few pics, happy for you to use them for your business if you can!

Beautiful ivory lace over champagne satin

Jodi sent these beautiful photos and wrote 
"I thought you might like a piccy of the dress. Thank you so much it was beautiful to wear. The alterations were perfect you did an amazing job."
The wedding party look so relaxed
Amazing image of the lace up back and fabrics
The ivory lace is highlighted so well with the champagne satin underneath. It gave the gown a romantic vintage look. A truly stunning gown that I enjoyed working on. 
A selection of photos and thank you card

"I cannot recommend Alison enough! She is friendly and efficient and went the extra mile when completing the alterations on my wedding dress. I loved her suggestions and enjoyed working with her to make sure it was everything I wanted. Thanks a million Alison!"
Smiles despite the rain

Sacha also sent me this message, with a link to her wedding album. "Thanks again for the alterations you did on my wedding dress. I absolutely loved wearing it!" 
So I did, and all I can say is wow! So many amazing pictures that totally captured their wonderful day. And despite the rain, Sacha had a huge smile on her face in every shot. 
Fastening the back of this vintage inspired lace dress
I love this image on a vintage train
Proud father and bride

I bought my wedding dress on sale and it was miles too big for me, but I loved it!! I found Alison online and could tell straight away how much passion she has and knew she would be amazing...and she was!!! Alison did an incredible job of the alterations and my dress fits me perfectly-was the most comfortable dress ever!! Every meeting with her was great and I'm so happy that I got to meet such an incredibly talented lady...will definitely recommend to everyone I know!! Cannot speak highly enough of you Alison! Thank you xxx
Superb setting for a wedding
The train all bustled up for dancing

With such a long train, it was important to have it bustled up for the dancing.


"I just want to thank Alison from the bottom of my heart for being so patient with me and all my body image issues in creating such a magical dress. You were so understanding and wonderful to work with. I loved my dress more then anything in the end and it was designed to such a high standard. I just want to wear it again! I can't thank you enough. Xxx"
Visually stunning location makes the bride stand out

"Thank you so much for making my wedding dress in to my dream dress! Changing the straps and adding the black belt made it just perfect!"
Happy mum helps bride get ready
The once wedding gown was transformed into an evening gown for a cruise
Right - "Before Alison transformed my wedding dress (March 2013)"

Above -  "After my wedding dress transformation by Alison, QM2 formal night (Feb 2015)"

"Just collected my ball gowns for my upcoming cruise (mid Feb) and Alison has done an amazing job. Pictures in Feb ! Thank you "
The wedding gown was loved so much
This makes me smile

Jonna sent her beach wedding photo's with the following message.

"Thank you so much for re-sizing my dress in so short timing! Thank you, dress is perfect!"
Sunny beach wedding
Bridesmaid help dress the bride


"Hi Alison,

Just some photos from the wedding for you.
Thank you so much for your work on my dress. I felt wonderful in it and everyone said that it looked beautiful."

Catherine also put a 5 star review on my facebook page

"Alison altered my wedding dress and did a fantastic job! She was so easy to work with and made me feel relaxed about the whole process. My dress was fantastic and fit perfectly! Thank you!

Beautiful grounds for a wedding

"Hi Alison here are some photos! thank you for the work you did and such friendly easy service."
Lovely black and white photo

"8 weeks after having my son, I had to fit myself into this size 12 bridesmaid dress. The dress was sent from NZ, no other bigger sizes in the country (NZ & AUS), and no extra material!  
Thanks to the magic work of Alison she was able to use some pocket material to sew in extra fabric panels under the arms so I could get my "newly expanded frontage" comfortably in the dress!"
Simple alteration to a bridesmaid gown that made all the difference
Everyone looking amazing
Major alterations to a much loved wedding gown.


Ashley wrote this lovely review, giving me 5 stars too.
"Can't thank Alison enough! She altered my already bought wedding dress to fit my 8 month pregnant belly! We had an amazing journey from start to finish and the final result was superb! Thank you again for your many hours & patience : )"

I am delighted to show you all her beautiful photos of her special day. 

The bride was extremely happy

Alison altered my wedding dress for my big day as well as two of my bridesmaids gowns. 
Alison was so delightful to work with and did an absolutely amazing job! Even though I lost a fair amount of weight between our first consultation and my first fitting she took it in her stride and did a brilliant job. thank you Alison!

Kristy wrote:
"We just got our wedding photos back and wanted to send you this one of me in my dress.
Thank you for your help with my wedding."

Hi everyone. I ordered my wedding dress online as I had heard they are pretty good! I was very careful about sending my measurement correctly and had 5 different people help with that to make sure. The dress arrived and was beautiful but just too big. 
I took it to the first alterations lady who simply sewed two darts into the back of the bodice ...clearly not working. The second quoted me a ridiculous amount and then.....After so much stress and starting to not even want to wear the dress anymore, I found Alison. 
Alison is AMAZING! She fitted me in despite being so busy and despite there only being 10 days until the wedding. 
From the first phone call I made to her, Alison was kind and so considerate towards my situation. She made me feel that it could be fixed. Alison altered the entire dress to fit like a glove in only a few hours. She even pressed the entire dress for me. 
I have just had a second fitting in which the dress was PERFECT. 
I cannot wait to wear it on Saturday Alison. You have made me excited about my wedding again and have Blessed me so! I cannot thank you enough and would recommend you to everyone.....THANK YOU